Your contributions to Sun Valley Youth Center help us to continue to serve our community and make lasting impacts.   Meet Jocelin, one of our youth who grew up in Sun Valley and is currently enlisted in the US Navy. She was just six years old when she began attending the youth center.  Here are are few words she would like to share.

"Hi everyone, My name is Adela, but everyone calls me Joce or Jocelin.  I like to consider myself one of the original (OG) youth from Sun Valley. Growing up my family faced many challenges as my younger sister and I were raised by my grandma and our mom. Despite the challenges we faced today I can say thanks to the youth center and my family, I am a proud mother of 3 children and I am a Third Class Petty Officer of the United States Navy.  As i reflect on my childhood growing up in Sun Valley, I am reminded that it takes a village and I am blessed to say I am am where I am today thanks to my Sun Valley Village."