Sun Valley Youth Center’s internship program provides excelent exposure to engaging with urban youth and the surrounding community. Our interns do different activities based on their gifts, and we would love to dedicate ourselves to finding your fit in our programs. Those involved in this program, regardless of skill set, all are equally commited to helping our kids reach their God-given potential.

Job Description

1.    Supports the Mission, Vision and Direction of the SVYC.  Understands and supports the mission of the SVYC; displays the SVYC values; displays flexibility and accepts change; is willing to try new methods and make suggestions; shows a strong commitment to the SVYC; conveys enthusiasm for the SVYC and his/her work.

2.    Builds Community. Understands and embraces the role of volunteers; helps members and participants make connections to others and to the SVYC; practices effective relationship-building techniques; supports the role of fund- raising in achieving the SVYC mission.

3.    Provides a Quality Experience for Parents, Participants, and the neighborhood. Builds warm and supportive relationships; consistently greets and assists everyone in a positive way; strives to provide service that will exceed expectations; responds to concerns and complaints in a way that makes each person feel valued; initiates action for prompt resolution; looks for better ways to serve and involve parents, participants, and sun valley residents.

4.    Works Productively. Demonstrates responsible actions; consistently performs duties in a safe and conscientious manner within the agreed upon timeframe; follows standards, policies, and procedures; is reliable and consistently punctual; actively participates in staff meetings, required trainings, and other work related activities; uses good judgment; uses SVYC resources appropriately and efficiently.

5.    Uses Effective Personal Behaviors/Communicates Effectively. Treats everyone with courtesy, respect and consideration; displays integrity; listens actively and genuinely; communicates in a clear and pleasant manner; embraces differences among people; demonstrates an active willingness to learn and grow; accepts constructive criticism; works cooperatively as a team member.


  • Maintains good SVYC relationships with children, parents/guardians, community, school and other staff.
  • Prepares the classrooms daily so appropriate supplies are available.
  • Lifting is required.
  • Work along staff to create and implement program calendars such as summer and fall.
  • Assist in fundraising, and donation requests.
  • Learn about Community Efforts such as redevelopment.
  • Is consistently accessible to children, staff and parents/guardians.
  • Turns in required paperwork by deadlines.
  • Attends required and appropriate trainings and staff meetings.  Reads and follows the guidelines of the policy manual and licensing and evaluation standards.
  • Dresses in clean, neat clothing appropriate for indoor and outdoor educational recreational activities; maintains a high standard of personal appearance and grooming, including personal hygiene, in accordance with the standards set by the SVYC staff handbook policy.
  • Has the following documentation on file at the site and the SVYC Child Care Office within expressed time limits after hire: First Aid, CPR, Environmental safety certificate, Medication Certification. All background check forms and proof of current TB test must be completed prior to first day of working with children.     
  • Network with the local schools, teachers, and all staff with a vested interest in the education  
  • of the youth.
  • Network with local social services organizations to resource the youth whenever possible.
  • Daily homework help with youth in the program.
  • Daily helping summer staff to run summer day camps and programs.
  • Attend trainings and mandated classes per day care licensure.
  • Attend trainings and mandated classes per grants.
  • Attend training and classes that will promote betterment of the program
  • Act as liaison for the youth and their families whenever needed. (IE court)
  • Other duties as assigned per the Executive Director.

We would love for you to consider interning with us! 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Kris Rollerson at