SVYC Enrichment program in collaboration with Fresh Start Denver, and Sun Valley Kitchen.

In 2017 Sun Valley Youth Center Honored to be funded by both Boost 2A as well as TGYS!  We have been able to offer new programming to kids in the Sun Valley neigbhorhood.  We are offering Free Karate, Flag Football, Cycling, Mindfulness, Yoga, Aqua Fitness, Healthy Living, Life skills, Cooking, Baking,Overcoming Obstacles as well as our traditional afterschool program which focuses on literacy and homework help. 

SVYC Programming

Summer Programming

This is the summer programming for the youth ages 5-12 yrs old.  We take the youth on daily adventures focused on life skills, education, good sportsmanship, positive leadership, and respect for those around them.  We run programming from 8-6 from the day school gets out to the day school goes back in. One week during the summer we offer programming for the whole neighborhood in an effort to provide resources to the greater Sun Valley Community.  The rest of the summer is filled with adventures and life experiences to help the youth enrolled experience new things in their lives.

Afterschool and Summer Day Care for School Age Youth

Sun Valley Day Care program for youth ages 5 through 13 this is the licensed day care aspect of Sun Valley Youth Center.  We currently are receiving funding from the state through parents' eligibility.  The exciting part of being licensed is that due to our licensure we are able to provide some tax credits to those who apply (see your tax advisor for how this may benefit you as a donor!)

Every Day the youth receive snacks and meals as the Sun Valley Youth Center is located in a what is called a food desert.  This means it is hard to get anywhere for healthy food options.  We partner with The Sun Valley Kitchen to provide the youth healthy food options.


Train Lead Succeed

Program for youth middle school on up!  We work on career exploration, life skills, mentoring, homework help, and all around support and resource for the young people in the program.