For this Highlight we want to Highlight the Denver Front Rangers.  This amazing group of folks have coached our kiddos, helped fix our barely working bikes, found helmets to fit heads with creative hairstyles, checked our routes to make sure we were safe.  Helped adults in sun valley learn to ride a bike for the first time. Helped with the Cops and Kids bike rides, and Led the Girls Rides throughout the summer.  We are so thankful for all of you and the support you have brought to sun valley.  Literally we would not be on bikes if it were not for you!  Miss Dee, Coach Sue Lloyd, Coach Kim, Abby, Michel, Coach Michael, Coach Drew, Coach Scott, Coach Aaron, Master Mechanics Alex Kraft, Tracy Leiner, and Larry Potter, CX family, Ride the Rockies volunteer parents.  So many folks that I may not even have remembered you by name but we appreciate you!

 If you are interested in volunteering please email INFO@SUNVALLEYYOUTHCENTER.ORG and we will get you ready to serve!
(not everyone needs to know how to cycle like a pro!  We also need people who like to work on homework and play games outside on the field.)